Clear Lake, Wisconsin, Seventh-day Adventist Church

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WPGR Christian Radio
WPGR = We Praise God Radio

Listen locally to LifeTalk Radio at 105.9 FM or online at
Since we air a mix of programming from LifeTalk Radio and some local programming, our schedule may vary somewhat from LifeTalk's published schedule.  For LifeTalk Radio's program schedule click here.  
Interdenominational Christian ministries are featured; with health, family life, and financial management professionals providing advice to call-in listeners. Pastor Doug Batchelor continues to host 
Bible Answers Live.  Enjoy gospel music by Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael Card, Steve Green, Twyla Paris, and many other artists, providing a range of instrumental and vocal numbers.

Reaching people of all ages, WPGR airs several children’s programs, including the popular Your Story Hour and Adventures in Odyssey. Associated Press News is broadcast at the top of most hours t
o keep listeners informed of current events.