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Health Ministry
Have you ever started a work-out plan as part of a New Year's resolution and failed miserably in the first few weeks?  Do you suffer from insomnia? 

Do you have pain but don't want to rely on pills?  Is worry wearing you out? 

Would you rather eat meat less often but don't know what to fix in its place?  Do you like being outside but feel guilty for the time away from that list of tasks? 

Check out
Vibrant LIfe magazine click here  to learn:
  • exercise that fits your personality
  • how valerian can help you sleep
  • 6 ways to relieve pain naturally
  • positive steps to reduce worry
  • recipes for tasty vegetarian dishes
  • how being outdoors can benefit your brain

Do you want to make some lifestyle changes that will benefit you or your family?  Here are some links you may find helpful: (click on the plum colored phrases to go to the websites)
  • Are you eating enough to lose weight?  Check out Full Plate Living click here
  • Yes, you can make lifestyle changes that will halt killer diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Learn about the Complete Health Improvement Program (C.H.I.P.) click here
  • For medically supervised lifestyle intervention programs check out Black Hills Health and Education Center's wellness-lifestyle vacations and treatment programs addressing obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, auto immune disorders and other conditions.  To visit the website click here or call 800-658-5433.
Are you interested in a career in the ministry of natural health care?  Black Hills Health and Education Center also offers training in medical ministry.